A Digital Product Company

We help small businesses to modernise, grow and perform better through technology.

We specialise in helping small businesses to better utilise technology. We support businesses through digital changes and provide experienced technical knowledge to develop new systems and improve existing ones.

What We Do



We help businesses transition into the modern world, embracing digital technologies and incorporating new tools into their operations. We take traditional practices and digitalise them. Our focus is to help you remain competitive during changing times and to build a sustainable business, built for the future.

Software Development

Software Development

We’re experienced in bespoke web development having specialised in SaaS applications, databases, booking systems and recruitment planning tools. We help businesses with developing the right software to deliver secure, efficient and responsive websites and applications.



Automation provides the gateway for moving staff from repetitive tasks onto creative tasks that improve and grow the business. We offer advice, solutions and support in developing and implementing automated processes. Work with us to translate complex business requirements into elegant technical solutions.

How We Work
(Our Process)

Research and Investigate

Thorough investigation and understanding is key to a successful solution.

Build, Implement and Evaluate

Continuous development, testing and evaluation ensures our work is aligned to your objectives.

Deliver and Support

Support post-implementation is vital in ensuring acceptance and integration across the business.

About Us

Crafted Syntax is about solving problems and helping businesses to achieve their goals through modern technology. We use technology to optimise internal processes, reduce costs and increase output (and revenue). We like to focus on measurable improvements that demonstrate value to our customers. With expertise in automation, large-scale applications and mission-critical infrastructure, we can be a vital aid in helping you to improve and succeed. We have the drive to create world-class products, provide exceptional customer support, and deliver an excellent return on investment.

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