Are you a small business that needs help with a software project?

We specialise in two things: helping small businesses with software and rescuing struggling projects.

We’re often brought in when a key person has left, the relationship with a development agency has broken down, or the in-house team is struggling to finish a project on time. We come in, appraise what exists and determine the best course of action to bring the project to completion—or a significant milestone. This is often a few focused weeks or months to take the project the last mile.

We also help small businesses that don’t have a development background or particular skills in-house. Without those, it can be hard to know what to do next. We’ll sit down, listen to what you’re experiencing and understand what your ambitions are. Then formulate a plan together that works with what you have.

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Some common scenarios we see...

We’ve fallen out with our developer.

Rescuing projects is something we’re really good at and usually why people contact us. Through a swift course of action, we can come in, appraise the existing system and develop a plan to bring the project to completion.

Our project is behind.

Software is rarely completed on time and never quite finished, but don’t let a few weeks delay turn into a few months. An objective opinion can be the catalyst to bringing attention to the right areas, avoiding the need to perfect and delivering quicker.

We’re having problems.

Most problems are small and a small change can make a big difference, even when it feels like it’s monumental. We can help with bugs, performance-related issues and poor practices. Some problems require technical support; some require new ways of working.

I want to bring development in-house.

We’ve helped several companies bring development in-house. This could be due to cost, required expertise, or perhaps the relationship has broken down. With our interim support, we can help ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless.

I want to automate something.

We can help you eliminate the boring and repetitive stuff, free up people to work on more worthwhile tasks, and eliminate human error.

We need a developer.

We have experience across a broad range of domains, but we’re best when jumping in on projects that involve:

  • Ruby on Rails or PHP (Laravel)
  • JavaScript
  • Postgres or MySQL

Meeting Alex and deciding to work with Crafted Syntax has been one of the most valuable decisions we’ve made as a business.

Kraig, Foresight

His input, technical knowledge and enthusiasm breathed new life into the project, exceeding what we thought was possible within the timeframe and budget.

Paul, The University of Sheffield

We’re available for new projects.

Tell us about yours:

We also make our own products

TorxHub brings together everything a maintenance team needs to plan, track and record their work with ease, all in one central location. Simple software that’s designed for engineers, technicians and planners.

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