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Building profitable web products is hard. We make it easier to succeed.

Crafted Syntax is a high-grade web development consultancy specialised in mapping out, designing and delivering custom-built web applications on time.

Alex Sanderson
  • Full-Stack Development (front and back)
  • System Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Deployment, Scaling and Security
  • Structuring Team Processes

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Most projects run into the same basic problems: uninvolved teams, neglected business goals, feature creep, poor planning and an opaque development process. The good news? You can work in a way to avoid these common pitfalls and maximise your chance for success.

Common Problems We Encounter

Megan Williams, Wren Kitchens I had the pleasure of working with Alex while I was a Project Manager at Wren. Working with Alex on a number of projects it quickly became clear that he has exceptional technical ability in multiple facets of IT and the digital platform, he has a deep passion and enthusiasm for his field of work, Alex is articulate and very professional with great commitment, drive and care for the end result.

From many perspectives it was a pleasure to work with Alex, he has a sharp wit, he is a team player, he has a brilliant attitude and is fun to work with. I particularly remember one occasion where Alex’s foresight and awareness of technologies outside his area of expertise saved the project from a potential disaster by raising an issue in plenty of time.

I could not recommend Alex highly enough, he would be great asset to any company and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Preferred Technology Stack

While this is our preferred stack, we can also work in many other environments. If you don't understand what some of these mean, don't worry. The important thing is that we only work with modern and reliable technologies.

Project Management

  • Trello
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • GitHub

Server-Side (Backend)

  • PHP, Go
  • Laravel
  • Postgres, MySQL
  • Redis
  • Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud

Version Control

  • Git


  • Slack

Client-Side (Frontend)

  • HTML
  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Vue, D3

Keep in Mind...

We cover a wide range of skills.

We have experience in web development, mission-critical systems and cloud computing. Besides our core skills, we can also help you with user experience design, optimisation and performance, database design, security and much more.

We partner up.

We don’t take work away from in-house development teams. We work with existing teams to remove obstacles and increase their success rate. If you don’t have a development team at the moment, we’ll help you build one.

We’re experienced at all stages.

We can help with forming an idea, mapping it out and designing the entire system. We can optimise teams and development processes to bring a failing project back on track. We can tune and optimise applications when they become too slow.

Our Work

We’ve worked with companies large and small, in various capacities from developer to CTO, on exciting new concepts to enterprise products.

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