We design and build beautiful, crafted software.

Our drive is to solve problems, empower teams and develop world-class software. We embody our values in everything that we do and make, always striving for excellence.

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TorxHub (screenshot)


Meet TorxHub, our cloud-based computerised maintenance management software (CMMS).

Your job is about to get much easier. Plan and schedule maintenance work with confidence. Track assets and supplies and never be without a valuable spare part. For a 360° view of your maintenance operations, use TorxHub.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Work Request Management
  • Asset Tracking

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Our Mission

Since founding in 2014, we’ve spent our time building software, crafting apps and helping other companies to succeed with their own products.

We know that business software can be hard to use, frustrating and expensive, often because the user has been a secondary thought. We believe our users should be at the centre of the design process. So, from the beginning, we craft our software around them. This approach is reflected in our flagship product TorxHub, which focuses on helping maintenance teams to succeed by putting their needs first.

Crafted Syntax is about understanding problems from a user’s perspective, then producing a well-crafted solution that embodies our core values. In essence, we like to make peoples’ live’s easier.

Core Values

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