We specialise in two things: helping fledgling companies with software and rescuing struggling projects.

We’re often brought in when a key person has left, the relationship with a development agency has broken down, or the in-house team is struggling to finish a project on time. We come in, appraise what exists and determine the best course of action to bring the project to completion—or a significant milestone. This is often a few focused weeks or months to take the project the last mile.

Are you a small business that’s moving into software but don’t have a development background? Perhaps you’re already there but what you’ve got is painfully slow and forever breaking. Without a technical background and development experience it can be hard to know any next step, let alone the best one. We’ll sit down, listen to what you’re experiencing and understand what your ambitions are. Then formulate a plan together that works with what you have. We’re not looking to replace your existing developers, we supplement them and draw on the wealth of experience we have.

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What do you need?

Our project is behind.

Rescuing projects is something we’re really good at and usually why people contact us. Through a swift course of action, we can come in, appraise the existing system and determine the best next step to bring the project to completion. Software is rarely completed on time and never quite finished, but don’t let a few weeks delay turn into a few months. An objective opinion can be the catalyst to bringing attention to the right areas, avoiding the need to perfect and delivering quicker.

We’re having too many problems.

In line with the Pareto principle, 80% of problems will be caused by 20% of the code (often even less). With the right insight, we can find where that 20% lies and make the necessary fixes. A small change can make a big difference, even when it feels like it's monumental.

Things are slow and buggy.

A slow application is frustrating. A buggy one problematic. One that loses data: unacceptable. Your customers expect better. Give them better.

Two things work best in this scenario: a performance audit, and insight into when and where bugs happen. Don’t let it be a guessing game. Measure, monitor and gain concrete evidence into what’s causing problems. From there, we can generate actionable advice and next steps.

I want to bring development in-house.

We’ve helped several companies bring development in-house. This could be due to cost, required expertise, or perhaps the relationship has broken down. Your new in-house developers might still need hiring or they’ve never done something like this before. We can help ensure that the transition is smooth and seamless.

I want to automate something.

We love automation. We even built a tool to help us work out when we should automate.

Automation is great for several reasons:

We need to move/process some data.

You've found a great new system to use, but you're concerned with how to move your data across. Or perhaps you want to consolidate data from various systems.

You could do it manually, but that's often very time-consuming. Instead, with some forethought and automation, we can move and process that data in a fraction of the time, saving you weeks or months of manual work.

We need a developer/programmer.

We work with:

We need a specialist for a small project.

Finding a specialist can be hard. Often it’s a case of sifting through a lot of companies looking for a very specific skill or experience with 'X'. We don’t have experience with everything, but we do have experience with quite a few things. Although we often work in specific areas, e.g. web development, we’re generalist programmers first and foremost with skills transferable across domains.

Something else.

No problem. Let us know what you're after and we'll see if we can help.

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