We help businesses become more efficient, streamlined and use software to their advantage.

Through our software development and consultant services, we help businesses transition into the digital world, embracing automation and digitalisation.

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Software Development

We design and build bespoke software.

We work with clients who see software as mission-critical. Where software enables them to work quicker and smarter. You need a partner that can bring your ideas to life and deliver exceptional software, on-time and to spec. We use modern agile development practices focused on communication, collaboration and rapid iteration. Our user-centric approach to development ensures that we can deliver software that integrates seamlessly into your business.

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Bespoke Software Development SaaS Web Applications Databases Software Automation APIs Web Development Micro-services
Software Development


We help businesses to automate routine tasks with software.

Automation is designed to repurpose employees onto more engaging, creative and revenue-generating tasks. As a business grows, so does workload. This is the time when people can become overworked due to the demands from the business. Automation can help by offloading the repetitive tasks and leaving the human to make the bigger decisions. From the business' perspective, automation allows staff to become more productive, saving both time and money.

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Document & Data Processing Process & Workflow Decision Making Engines Increased Productivity Increased Efficiency Reduced Costs Save Time


We help businesses to identify and migrate elements of their business into digital form.

Digitalisation is the process of taking analogue information, like a paper document, and turning it into a digital version, such as a PDF. Instead of passing around a piece of paper, potentially losing or damaging it, a PDF file can be shared, edited and duplicated with ease. In order for a business to remain competitive, it must constantly rethink how the business is being run. Moving away from paper-based processes (e.g. digitalising operations) brings a wealth of benefits, including safety and security, increased efficiency and cost savings.

Document & Data Processing Regulatory Compliance Digital Security Remote Access/Working Increased Competitiveness Save Costs Reduce Errors

How We Work
(Our Process)

Research and Investigate

Thorough investigation and understanding is key to a successful solution.

Build, Implement and Evaluate

Continuous development, testing and evaluation ensures our work is aligned to your objectives.

Deliver and Support

Support post-implementation is vital in ensuring acceptance and integration across the business.

About Us

Crafted Syntax is about solving problems and helping businesses to achieve their goals through modern technology. We use technology to optimise internal processes, reduce costs and increase output (and revenue). We like to focus on measurable improvements that demonstrate value to our customers. With expertise in automation, large-scale applications and mission-critical infrastructure, we can be a vital aid in helping you to improve and succeed. We have the drive to create world-class products, provide exceptional customer support, and deliver an excellent return on investment.

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