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Client Testimonials

Some kind words from our clients.

Paul Buck, The University of Sheffield It was great to work with Alex on Plant Identification resource for The Department of Landscape Architecture at The University of Sheffield. Alex inherited the site and we were unsure as to what would be needed to bring the project to completion, and therefore needed someone to assess what had been done, and suggest the changes that needed making.

Alex’s input, technical knowledge and enthusiasm breathed new life into the project, by coming up with and implementing lots of new ideas. He exceeded what we thought was possible within the timeframe and budget. Alex also gave us lots of recommendations on how the resource could be used in future. We are about to start phase 2 of this project and we’re really looking forward to working with Alex again soon.

Megan Williams, Wren Kitchens I had the pleasure of working with Alex while I was a Project Manager at Wren. Working with Alex on a number of projects it quickly became clear that he has exceptional technical ability in multiple facets of IT and the digital platform, he has a deep passion and enthusiasm for his field of work, Alex is articulate and very professional with great commitment, drive and care for the end result.

From many perspectives it was a pleasure to work with Alex, he has a sharp wit, he is a team player, he has a brilliant attitude and is fun to work with. I particularly remember one occasion where Alex’s foresight and awareness of technologies outside his area of expertise saved the project from a potential disaster by raising an issue in plenty of time.

I could not recommend Alex highly enough, he would be great asset to any company and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Jeremy Keen, Applied Cytometry We brought Alex on board to help with building a custom web platform that dealt with a large number of documents and sizeable data. This turned out to be quite a complex task, but happily for us it was well within Alex's technical skills. He provided an excellent level of service, and we were surprised at the speed in which all milestones were delivered. Alex is very helpful, he asks those necessary questions to get to the heart of the problem and provided us with solid advice. All in all, a great experience.

Kraig Payne, Foresight Meeting Alex Sanderson and deciding to work with Crafted Syntax has been one of the most valuable decisions we've made as a business. Alex's expertise and knowledge has helped evolve our business and revolutionise our product offering. Alex has led the design and rebuild of our principal product (a cloud hosted application) and has advised on, and implemented new ways of working for our development team that have dramatically improved our ability to develop our product and service our customers. As an individual Alex is customer focused, solutions oriented and always a pleasure to work with. He has the gift of being able to listen to our needs and guide us to a solution that often exceeds our expectations; whilst always being mindful of cost and time.

I would highly recommend Crafted Syntax to anybody seeking support in the design, build or development of applications, or even the improvement in working practices and use of automation tools in the development cycle!

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