About Crafted Syntax

Alex formed Crafted Syntax in 2014, right here in Sheffield. Almost three years on, Crafted Syntax has produced a number of products including web apps, Mac applications and development tools. All with hundreds of happy customers.

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In addition to the products developed in-house, we provide web development services to business in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Unlike the majority of web design agencies in operation today, our focus is on the backend, the internal side, or behind the scenes. While web design sits on the frontline and focuses on a beautiful user interface, we focus on functionality and improving internal processes. We like to build bespoke business information tools, automate HR processes and optimise returns management.

Crafted Syntax is about solving problems, helping businesses to achieve their goals through technology, and prototyping new products through experiments and rapid iteration. The work we do is all about the customer, it is always to benefit them, to help them solve their problems.

With meticulous attention to detail and a drive for 100% service availability, the products we stamp our name to are designed to stand up to the incredible demands of the Information Age.

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